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10 Simple Ways to Show Her You Are A Gentleman

10 Simple Ways to Show Her You Are A Gentleman

If you look up the definition of chivalry it says “(of a man or his behavior) courteous and gallant, especially toward women.” For most men this has been lost over the years and no longer exists. It seems like being a gentleman has become a thing of the past. There are many ways that a man can show a woman that he respects her and wants her to feel special. We have compiled a list of ten things you can do to show that your father raised you right and you know how to treat a woman. Most guys don’t realize that their behavior towards women reflects how they were raised and how they value women in general. Being courteous has become lost on a whole generation that has no idea how to court a woman properly. If you do these simple things women will look at you differently and maybe even get more attention from them.


1: Hold the Door Open for a Woman: This seems like such an easy one but I still see men not doing this for their date or just strangers that arrive at a door at the same time. I know there are women who feel like this is old fashioned but I always hold the door when I am with a female. I always feel like this is the best way to show you have respect for them and you were raised by a father that cherishes women.


2: Open Her Car Door First: If you are on a date and you want to show that you are a true gentleman, always open her door for her. It is a simple gesture and goes a long way when getting to know someone. Every single time you are both going to the car make sure you open her door and close it after she is in the car. You are making her feel special just by doing something you already do in every day life. If you meet someone who has never had a man with manners, they will be impressed by your chivalry.


3: Pull Her Chair Out So She Can Sit First: When you go out to dine with a woman always remember to help her sit first. Many times a woman may be wearing heels or a dress and helping her into her seat should be second nature. A real man never sits until his date is situated comfortably. You are putting her comfort first and she will appreciate it. Also, we are talking about being a gentleman and it should be what you do all the time.


4: Wait For Her Food To Arrive Before Eating: I can’t tell you how important it is to have manners when it comes to dining with a woman. If her food is delayed somehow and your food has been delivered, do not eat until she gets her food. It is a common courtesy that most people don’t follow. If you are with a group you should wait until all the people have received their dish before eating. This shows that you are courteous and care more about how she is treated than your desire to stuff your face.


5: Always Let Her Order First: This one is so simple yet guys manage to screw this up all the time. If you are out with a woman and a bartender asks what you want, always let her order first. If you know what she likes to drink then order it for her. To truly be chivalrous you need to know that these little things go a long way in impressing a date. As with food, wait until she receives her drink before tasting your own. Don’t chug your cocktails either. If you have issues with alcohol this is a sure fire way to show her.


6: If You Finish Eating First, Keep Your Plate In Front Of You: If you are out to eat and you finish your meal do not let the server take your plate until your date is finished. It makes people uncomfortable when they are eating and you are already finished. Just act as though you are still picking at your food until she finishes. A lot of women feel self conscious eating in front of a person they just met so give her the time to relax and eat.


7: Compliment Her Outfit: Most men don’t realize how much work goes into picking out an outfit and accessories for a woman. Most women spend tons of time trying to pick out the perfect outfit so that you are impressed. You should always compliment her appearance during the course of the date. I like to compliment shoes that women wear. If you tell her she is beautiful it is not original in any way. If she knows that you have noticed her favorite heels, she will be more impressed than if you compliment her hair. Attention to details is very important.


8: Walk Her To Her Door: If you are on a date and you are dropping your date off at home, walk her to the door. When you arrive at her house, get out of the car and open her door. When she steps out you offer your arm and walk her to the door. This is a great way to show you are a gentleman and increases the chance of a goodnight kiss. Do not be presumptive about the kiss, instead wait for her to look you in the eyes before you make your move. A kiss on the cheek is always a good start and shows that you are interested in more than just casual sex.


9: If She Stands, You Stand: I always see guys on dates when the woman excuses herself and the guy never moves. If you are sitting at a table and your date stands to go to the restroom, you stand with her. It is a way of acknowledging her leaving and respectful. If you want her to consider you as a gentleman you have to act like one. When she returns to the table you stand and help her with her seat.


10: Offer Her Your Jacket If She’s Cold: Most women will go out and freeze half to death just to look good. They are not thinking about temperature changes that are coming at ten pm. If you are out with a woman and you see that she is obviously cold, you need to offer your jacket. A gentleman will give up some comfort for a woman he likes and respects. Besides this, it gives you an opportunity to maybe get a little snuggle time as you race to warm her up.

In closing it is always important to know how to be a gentleman without over doing it. Also, some women are very independent and don’t want this kind of treatment. You have to know the person and situation and be able to adjust on the fly. Common courtesy is no longer common. I think the one thing I would tell all men is to treat a woman like you would want your mother treated. If you go in with that attitude you can’t lose. If she doesn’t appreciate all the simple gestures that a gentleman makes than she might not deserve your attention anyway. One last thing, turn off your phone and don’t ever look at it while on a date. It is a major turn off and it is disrespectful.

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    I thought all guys did these things. I guess I was raised right. Booyah


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