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Hello and welcome to XGF.com. This is your forum to air your relationship issues and complaints to see what our community has to say about them. We will pose questions that you can answer and share with your friends and other community members. Don’t air your dirty laundry on Facebook or other sites where your family and friends can judge you without knowing the whole story. At XGF you can start a group with your friends to discuss relationships or other problems that face us every day. If you think that you have been cheated on, lied to, used, publicly humiliated, or anything that has hurt you share it with our community and get feedback from people that have also had the same things happen to them.

Start your own private group with friends so you can exchange ideas without everyone on other social media sites knowing what you are up to. Anything goes on XGF.com. You can sign in and sign up with Facebook, Google, and Twitter or you can manually sign up for an anonymous account. Add a profile pic and write a little something about yourself to connect with other users. Comment on new forum topics that are public. Make sure you get your two cents in and share any stories that you may have with our community. We want you to get the best feedback from other users and let them help you if you are going through a rough time. If you have any questions you can contact us xgfhelp@gmail.com.

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