• Rosalee posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    I married a complete stranger I’d never met about 9 months ago. I was single for almost 8 years. I met him online and he was really to good to be true. From the very beginning I had doubts because he is younger and can’t understand that delaying gratification you build something solid. He is in another country. So when he was denied a visa to the states he dropped me like a hot potato. Really there are so many differences between us that we could not find a common bond outside of desire. Which is not LOVE. I love him even now but I suspect he might be narcissistic.
    Every conversation is always about him in the end. I told him to find a girl in his own country before we married. I paid for all of that as well btw. So…the last 2 months or so I have been basically grieving the loss of my best friend and husband. He says he loves me and want to be with me. However, the more he lied and denied the proof…the more searched his social media. I found multiple accounts and pages and groups he joined looking for a halal bride. He said the typical things. That wasn’t him and that was before we married. The post were dated in April of this year. We married in november. I investigated everything and stepped on some toes as well. It made me crazy that he just shut me out. I was very hurt and spent the last 2 months practicing self love and self care. I have been threatened and harassed via social media and emails to the point where I’m ready to delete my accounts. He keeps making new profiles to ” check in” for lack of a better term. Honestly I feel like he is just doing damage control because he can’t eben be bothered to ask me how I am. I have boundaries in my life for me to be ok and balanced and I feel like he could not handle a strong independent female who said no more. We have both said and done things to cause harm and I’m over it. Om filing for a divorce immediately. All I know is I can’t hate him because I saw this coming..and that was only part of our issue. I am a straight shooter though and the 2 guidelines I demand are honesty and don’t hurt me the way all the other before him. I trusted him with my darkest secrets and he not only bolted on me.. He uses my mental health issues against me ( PTSD ).
    I just want to say one more thing…
    Crazy does not equate to stupid. I don’t miss much. I’m always hypervigilent in a PTSD episode. I don’t hate him. I really don’t like him anymore though and I have absolutely no desire to be with a man who doesn’t even know what he wants at 36. I feel like it was more about the thrill of the hunt. I know I will be fine. I never needed anyone before him and I don’t need humans now. I’m ok by myself. Anyway learn vicariously through me…dont marry someone you don’t really know. It only causes harm to both parties. Thank you for the opportunity to vent. God bless America! 🇺🇸

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