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Is Your Brain From Mars or Venus

Have you ever wondered what your thoughts about relationships and family mean? Take this quick poll to see if your brain is from Mars or Venus. It’s just a fun way to see what your thoughts mean and how they impact your life.

Are you ready for marriage? Take the quiz and see if you are

We all have that friend that swears they want to get married and you know it’s not going to work out for them. Some people rush into marriage and never realize how much work it is. You have to be flexible and understanding. Your life is no longer just about you, it’s about sharing and living with someone else. You may have habits that didn’t affect your relationship before you got married and moved into the same house. Your partner may do things that you hate and it drives you crazy. Take the 10 question quiz to see if marriage is right for you. Share with your friends to see if they get different results. This quiz is designed for fun and doesn’t mean that you are going to be ready for marriage or not. If you answer the questions honestly you will get the answer yo...

Do Single People Have Better Lives?

I have been single now for three years and all my friends and family are wondering when I am going to find another person to be with. I chose to stay single to concentrate on my business which is one reason my ex and I broke up. I was so stressed when I was married because of financial and emotional responsibilities. Every day I would work all day then go to work my night job that paid the bills. I was under constant attack by my wife for not giving her enough attention. She didn’t understand why I had to spend so much time building my business. She was fine with where we were in life. I was not fine with scraping by and wanted to do something about it. I knew that if I kept at it my business would eventually reward my efforts. Just as my business started to blossom my wife decided s...

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