10 Simple Ways to Show Her You Are A Gentleman

If you look up the definition of chivalry it says “(of a man or his behavior) courteous and gallant, especially toward women.” For most men this has been lost over the years and no longer exists. It seems like being a gentleman has become a thing of the past. There are many ways that a man can show a woman that he respects her and wants her to feel special. We have compiled a list of ten things you can do to show that your father raised you right and you know how to treat a woman. Most guys don’t realize that their behavior towards women reflects how they were raised and how they value women in general. Being courteous has become lost on a whole generation that has no idea how to court a woman properly. If you do these simple things women will look at you differently and ...

What To Get Your Girl For Valentine’s Day

I have so many friends that have no idea what to get their girl for Valentine’s Day. Then at the last minute they are running around buying crap that she is not going to appreciate because she knows that you bought it last second without thought. Don’t be that guy at the mall shopping the day before. If you want to know what to get your girl this Valentine’s Day keep reading. I have always had good luck with my girlfriends in the past by actually putting thought into my gifts on Valentine’s Day. First, you have to do a little feeling out in the weeks leading up to the big day. I like to work my ideas into everyday conversation. I may ask her if she has had a massage lately because I was thinking about getting one. I may ask her which girlfriend she likes to spend ti...

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