10 Simple Ways to Show Her You Are A Gentleman

If you look up the definition of chivalry it says “(of a man or his behavior) courteous and gallant, especially toward women.” For most men this has been lost over the years and no longer exists. It seems like being a gentleman has become a thing of the past. There are many ways that a man can show a woman that he respects her and wants her to feel special. We have compiled a list of ten things you can do to show that your father raised you right and you know how to treat a woman. Most guys don’t realize that their behavior towards women reflects how they were raised and how they value women in general. Being courteous has become lost on a whole generation that has no idea how to court a woman properly. If you do these simple things women will look at you differently and ...

How to Choose Wine for a Dinner Date

Being single in today’s world is complicated and moves quickly with all the apps and dating sites. In order to find that perfect match people will go through all kinds of trouble. When you meet someone new that you are interested in, you want to put your best foot forward. The other person is most likely talking to multiple people, and you are just one of the many trying to win them over. A good way to show how worldly you are, you can use knowledge of wine as a way of impressing a potential partner. Wine can be erotic and sensual when used the right way. Wine has been shared by people going back thousands of years. Almost every culture on Earth has rituals and celebrations that include wine. A basic knowledge of wine is paramount when going out to dinner or making a meal for a date ...

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