Do Single People Have Better Lives?

I have been single now for three years and all my friends and family are wondering when I am going to find another person to be with. I chose to stay single to concentrate on my business which is one reason my ex and I broke up. I was so stressed when I was married because of financial and emotional responsibilities. Every day I would work all day then go to work my night job that paid the bills. I was under constant attack by my wife for not giving her enough attention. She didn’t understand why I had to spend so much time building my business. She was fine with where we were in life. I was not fine with scraping by and wanted to do something about it. I knew that if I kept at it my business would eventually reward my efforts. Just as my business started to blossom my wife decided s...

My X Was a Total Bitch

I always read that people break up for good reasons such as cheating and lack of sex. I dumped my girl of 6 years because I couldn’t take her bitchiness any longer. She of course thought I was wrong and didn’t see what she did wrong. Her family and mine were in shock. Our friends took sides and the guys agreed with me and the girls with her. I wanted to put my story out there and see who was at fault. Danielle and I worked together for about a year before we started dating. We were both bartenders and had fun working together. We would go out with the staff from the restaurant just about every night after work. At the time I had just gotten out of a previous relationship and was not looking at all for someone. One night while we were out drinking things got flirty and the next ...

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