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What To Get Your Girl For Valentine’s Day

What To Get Your Girl For Valentine’s Day

I have so many friends that have no idea what to get their girl for Valentine’s Day. Then at the last minute they are running around buying crap that she is not going to appreciate because she knows that you bought it last second without thought. Don’t be that guy at the mall shopping the day before. If you want to know what to get your girl this Valentine’s Day keep reading. I have always had good luck with my girlfriends in the past by actually putting thought into my gifts on Valentine’s Day. First, you have to do a little feeling out in the weeks leading up to the big day. I like to work my ideas into everyday conversation. I may ask her if she has had a massage lately because I was thinking about getting one. I may ask her which girlfriend she likes to spend time with the most and why. I will ask questions from time to time that are going to lead me to the perfect gift. If you are married and have been together for a long time then you probably know most of what she likes. That doesn’t mean you know everything. Some women don’t like to complain about trivial things to you that are a big deal to them. Maybe you have children and every day she has to do the laundry while you are watching tv. Maybe she is tired of you wrecking the bathroom and not cleaning up after you are done. These small things begin to get under someones skin and drive wedges into relationships. Acknowledging these things that she does sometimes can help her feel good about herself. Don’t think that because you said thanks, that you have made her feel awesome about the situation. As humans it is easy to take something for granted. When you get used to having things a certain way we sometimes get complacent.

My first idea for someone on a budget is to get a nice card and write something straight from the heart. Let her know that you appreciate all her hard work and be specific. If she takes the kids to school every day then thank her for that. If she works all day then comes home and makes dinner let her know that you are happy with that. Write some nice compliments about her looks. Tell her she is as beautiful as the day you met. Let her know that her body and everything else is more appealing than ever. Tell her why you love her and make it something that she will cherish forever. Words can be damaging but they can also heel. Apologize for anything you have done that may still be lingering. Tell her you want to live a thousand lifetimes with her. Tell her what a great mother she is to your children. A hand written letter with your feelings will go a long way to making her feel special. Make coupons to put in the card so that all during the year she can cash them in. I like to have coupons for a full body massage from myself. Make a coupon that gives her the day off from cooking, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom. These are things you can do and let her forget about them for that one day. If you have kids you can give her a night out with friends and you babysit while she goes out. Everyone needs some time away.

Things you can buy her that she is sure to love. If you want to get her flowers then have them delivered to her work so that all the girls get jealous. I like to send them randomly throughout the year for better effect. Try not to give her a cheap box of chocolates. That is so cliche and a slap in the face. If you want to give her flowers, get some that are in her favorite color. Try orchids or even something you can plant and watch grow over the years. That tree or plant will always have meaning when she looks at it. Find out which size shoe she wears and get her an expensive pair in her size. Most women love shoes and if you pick the right designer it is a home run. Try Christian Louboutin, they have red bottoms and are sure to be a winner. For something less expensive get her a new handbag. You can look at her bags and figure out what she likes and which designer. I try to stay away from jewelry because I am not good at picking the right pieces. If you do go for jewelry get something from Tiffany’s. Once she sees that powder blue box she will light up like a Christmas tree.

For something a little different you can buy her a weekend away with a girlfriend at a nice hotel where she can relax. You take the kids for the weekend and give her off. Set it up to have her get spa treatments and have champagne waiting when she arrives. A stressed out woman will love this gift more than anything else you can give. Time away to rejuvenate will also be helpful to you when she gets back. Make sure she is not bothered the whole weekend and she will love this gift. Finally, my favorite gift to give is something that takes time and a little money but always seems to work. Come home and draw her a nice bath, light some candles and get some bath oils and some champagne. When she gets home you already have dinner cooking and take her to the bathroom and tell her to relax. This night is all about her happiness. Make a nice candlelit dinner and have some of her favorite wine to pair with the dinner. Have some comfy clothes ready for when she gets out of the bath. Let her enjoy watching you prepare the dinner and wait on her. If you don’t know how to cook then learn. There are videos everywhere that you can watch and follow along to make some amazing dishes. After dinner take her to the candlelit bedroom and give her a full body massage with some nice massage oils. Don’t rush and make sure you take extra care of her feet and calves. After that let nature take it’s course because you are going to have some fun for doing all this work. Of course you clean everything up in the kitchen and bathroom and let her enjoy the fact that she has a good man. Some of these gifts cost a lot of money and some a few dollars. If you don’t know what to get her you just aren’t trying. Any woman will appreciate a man that can take the time to show her that she is the world to him.

What are you giving your partner this Valentine's Day?

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