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What To Get Your Man For Valentine’s Day

What To Get Your Man For Valentine’s Day

Last week we shared thoughts about what a guy can get his girl for Valentine’s Day. For any girl out there wondering what to get their man we have a few ideas that may help. Firstly, understand that most guys do not like Valentine’s Day. We see it as a way to extort money from us by big corporations. We have just shelled out money for Christmas and the credit card statements are coming in now. Without bitching any more I went back to a time when I actually liked Valentine’s Day. That was in high school when you could send a flower to someone you had a secret crush on and no one knew who was sending flowers to whom. I had a girlfriend but some girl in the school also had an eye for me and sent me a flower. My girlfriend at the time was not happy. I acted like it was no big deal but deep down I wanted to know really bad who sent it. I never found out and it always made me wonder if that girl would have been better for me then my girlfriend at the time. What does this have to do with you getting your man something for Valentine’s Day? Everything. You see we all like a sense of adventure and most importantly we all like to know someone finds us attractive. Most men will never concede that they like being complimented but they do.

If you want to do something really nice for your man this year, make him feel like you have just started dating. The excitement of dating someone new is something most of us forget when we get in a relationship. We fall into a routine and neglect to do the little things that made us fall in love. I have a long time girlfriend and one year for Valentine’s Day she reenacted our first date. I had to play along which was really fun. To make it seem real she went to her mother’s house and that is where I picked her up for our first date 6 years earlier. I had to come to her parents house and go through the motions of meeting them and picking her up like the first time. I know it sounds corny but it was fun. She had made a list of things that we could not do and one of them was kiss or hold hands. We had to treat this like we were hanging out for the first time. I took her out for dinner and we stayed in the moment and laughed and talked better then we had for years. We asked questions of each other that we already knew the answers and it was funny how much I had forgotten about her. We forgot about all the stupid things we fought about and I started to have emotions I hadn’t had for a long time. After dinner we walked around the lake downtown and talked about our dreams and hopes for the future, we connected on a level that we hadn’t in years. It was possibly the second best date of my life, the first being my first date with her. She even wore the same scarf from the first date for our pretend first date. We stayed out late and had wine and never broke our agreement to not kiss and hold hands. There was flirting and slight touches but never anything more. I looked at her and it was like the whole world had fallen away. This was the girl I fell in love with and I saw that person shining through.

It was getting really late so we decided to go home. I drove us to our house and we stayed in character until we reached the front door. Six years earlier I had kissed her on her parents front porch. I was just as nervous this time as I was then. We were like two high school kids that had no idea what to do. I finally grabbed her and we had the most passionate kiss right there outside our own front door. I told her that I loved her and was so happy she had taken me back to see what I fell in love with. Needless to say we had the best night we have ever had once we got inside. The next morning we were both energized and happy. I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but if you are in a long term relationship and you want to re ignite the flame, try something like this. Remind him who he fell in love with. Don’t buy him a shirt, he wants to feel something. We all want to have those butterflies again and that is why people sometimes stray in relationships. They are looking for something they are not getting at home. Men want to feel like they are wanted just like women. Don’t be afraid to compliment him and watch as he returns the favor. I always disliked Valentine’s Day until my girl had the creativity to make it the one day we look forward to every year. I am just wondering what she is going to do this year. Whatever it is I know that I am a very lucky guy.

What are you getting your guy for Valentine's Day?

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